CCTV Services

Access CCTV install systems that offer round the clock surveilliance of your premises by incorporating a number of cameras and external alarm detectors. When the sensors are activated,a signal and an image from the camera are sent to the central monitoring station.
Access CCTV will monitor your site 24 hours a day,and operate on a "detection and response" basis using cutting-edge technology to create a perimeter fence of detection around the site. So that any trespasser is immediately detected and seen on the night vision cameras at our monitoring stations who alert a local team and the local police who can be there within minutes.
Operators at the station receive information that will help them to respond quickly and act appropriately to a particular situation. Our skilled and experienced staff's monitory the video footage is able to defuse situations before they escalate to loss , damage or violence. We ensure video and audio recordings are of evidential quality.